Robert Shaw

"...For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing."

Just like Robert Shaw’s offer to the townsfolk of Amity island in Steven Spielberg’s epic ‘Jaws’ we believe in being thorough and delivering everything you ask for.

Built to Your Brief

Commissioning an article is a good route if there’s a particular movie you’d like reviewed or particular piece to be written.

Exclusive Content

Every commissioned article is and remains exclusive to you and your publication, with future licensing agreed in advance.

Save Time

Get the kind of article or movie review you want at the outset by commissioning, rather than shopping around for a suitable opinion piece.

Commission An Article / Review

If you work for a publication or press title and would like to commission a No Spoiler Review or article please fill in the form below with as much information as possible:

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How It Works

First Step

Once we’ve heard from you and about what kind of article or movie review you’d like, we will send you an estimate based on your information together with a Commission Agreement form.

Commission Agreement

Simply put, our Commission Agreement is a clearly-phrased document about what happens next and how it should be done. It has advantages for both sides and can answering many questions at the outset about ongoing rights, obligations and more.

Writing Process

The writing process is usually quite quick once the Commission Agreement has been agreed. Writing (and inital research) will start once we have received a signed copy of the Commission Agreement (ideally via email) or by post.

Upon completion of the work, an invoice will then be sent to you via email with electronic payment details enclosed.


In all of our articles and movie reviews (even if they are commissioned or otherwise) we always retain the copyright in the work itself. In all usages of the work, the pieces should be credited with the writer’s name.

Any other specific rights are covered in the Commission Agreement itself and to be agreed upon before writing takes place.

On-Going Commissions

If the piece you initially commissioning is to form the part of an on-going assignment, feature or column please let us know on the form opposite, providing details of your title’s readership and audience size.