One Zero One - The Story of Cybersissy & Baybjane

One Zero One – The Story of Cybersissy & Baybjane

Charting the story of Antoine Timmermans (Cybersissy) and Mourad Zerhouni (Babyjane), this documentary is part fantasy – part history. In the lives of these two drag artistes, fantasy and factuality blend into one another in a real-life story of acceptance and aligned passions.

...as much a document about Mourad's blossoming as it is Timmerman's artistic vision.

As ornate as they are striking, both artistes decorate parties and clubs with their presence. Towering over Babyjane, Timmerman’s Cybercissy resembles a glittering version of Divine, a benign Svengali that feeds both confidence and acceptance to the dimunitive Mourad. However as ‘One Zero One’ further unfurls, it becomes obvious that this is as much a document about Mourad’s blossoming as it is Timmerman’s artistic vision.

Blind in one eye and beset by a catalogue of disabilities, Mourad’s positivity of spirit shines through his Betty Davis-inspired character. Both blessed and endorsed by Cybercissy’s vision, Mourad finally goes on to spread her wings and fly alone.

Neither separate nor glued to each other’s hip, this is a portrait of two drag artistes who can let each other breathe as much they bat their lashes together. Fantasy seen as a way to live rather than a reclusive release, ‘One Zero One – The Story of Cybersissy & Baybjane’ is a portrait of how two drag artistes shaped their dreams into a self-fulfilling reality.