After a destructive series of natural disasters, the world’s nations come together to create a network of satellites so as to better control the weather.

All would seem to be well until three years later a series of freak storms all point towards sabotage. With attacks increasing and the world facing oblivion Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) must approach the disgraced architect of the satellite programme for help: Jake (Gerard Butler), the very same brother that he fired from the project only three years ago.

‘Geostorm’ is an unashamedly bombastic disaster movie that ticks all the boxes that other movies have already unpacked. Mixing the father-daughter relationship from ‘Interstellar’, the extinction level events of ‘2012’, ‘Deep Impact’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, international cities are sequentially left burnt, broken and frozen. And even though it forklifts the last two acts of ‘Armageddon’ in a chorus of ‘Gravity’-on-a-budget explosions, you don’t really mind. You see ‘Geostorm’ actually is a disaster movie that delivers on the promises that its poster makes.

’Geostorm’ is an unashamedly bombastic disaster movie…

From its creaking dialogue, American homespun sentimentality and ubiquitous English bad guy, Dean Devlin’s movie never veers away from what you haven’t seen before. Coasting on the good-ol boy charms of Gerard Butler, ‘Geostorm’ is both a shameless thief and a non-taxing diversion which remixes both characters and plot lines you’re probably well used to. Whilst not as derivative as ‘London Has Fallen’ the same predictability is here.

So if you think that your cineplex visit should be saved for something original or challenging, then ‘Geostorm’ is a storm of passing interest that you’ll let slip over the cinematic horizon. However if you need some big screen and explosions at the end of a hard working week, then Gerard Butler and co. will be ready to boldly go to where you’ve already been before.

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