With the earth’s natural resources disappearing, the human race is fast heading towards extinction. That is until two Norwegian scientists present a revolutionary solution: ‘Downsizing’. By shrinking human beings down to only 5 inches tall, they won’t be such a burden on the planet – however the process can never reversed.

When Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) and wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig), like others realise the vast sums of money can be saved by joining the miniature world, they decide to downsize. However soon afterwards, Paul discovers that the problems of the world cannot be shrunk down just by changing your size.

‘Downsizing’ is a charming fable will work well on a Christmas TV schedule.

As social satire in which a guy realises he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself, ‘Downsizing’ is a charming fable that will work well on a Christmas TV schedule. With its pleasing cameos including the ever reliable and relatable Christoph Waltz, Alexander Payne’s mild comedy has an accomplished cast to go with its polished special effects.

However, in a story that coasts by on the gently observed differences of its characters, Matt Damon’s performance Paul Safranek feels too reigned in. Again cast as a everyman,  Damon is easily outshone by Hong Chau’s Ngoc La Tran. Hers is the real beating heart of this story and makes every scene she’s in well and truly her own.

With its mild critique on American society and how people’ dreams can fall between the cracks, ‘Downsizing’ is a pleasing if strangely uneventful comedy drama. With its stand out performances of Christoph Waltz, Udo Kier and Hong Chau, its the supporting cast that makes ‘Downsizing’ a film worth lowering your expectations for.

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