Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

In the intervening moments  between ‘Deadpoo’l and ‘Deadpool 2’, not much would seem to have changed. Ryan Reynold’s titular hero Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is still killing bad guys and dispatching them with equal wit and whimsy. However where this sequel starts differs in his relationship with girlfriend Vaneesa Carlyse (Morena Baccarin). 

With both of then intent on parenthood, the character of Wade’s alter persona starts to shift -but will it quick enough to dodge the oncoming bullets of the past?

’…does more than break the fourth wall, but also has a decent story and rounded characters too.'

As a sequel ‘Deadpool 2’ does more than break the fourth wall but also has a decent story and rounded characters too. Whereas the original ‘Deadpool’ was a loose collection of gags and violence cut-scenes held together by Ryan Reynold’s charm, ‘Deadpool 2’ improves on the original by making its hero both fallible and strangely relatable. Surrounded a suitably dysfunctional band of superheroes, director David Leitch’s movie takes a lighthearted leaf out of Thor:Ragnarok‘s Taika Waititi’s textbook and not to mention a few of his cast regulars.

Whereas ‘Deadpool’ felt solidly for the fanboys and fangirls, ‘Deadpool 2’ plays less like a continual inside joke and more like welcoming thrill ride. With the added arrival of Cable (as played by Josh Brolin), a wearisome, dogmatic time-travelling assassin, his character comes across as the flip side of Reynold’s deadpan Deadpool, but with a stronger work ethic and charmless demeanour to boot.

And whilst this might all sound a bit too conventional to be a Deadpool movie, lovers of irony need not despair. This Deadpool is as equally replete with witty put-downs and caustic back-chat as the first. The main difference is, here the gags are more subtly delivered, resulting in a movie that actually rewards on multiple viewings. From the acting to the merchandising, from the script to the film score, every format here is a target for Deadpool’s acidic asides and its cleverly-layered stuff. 

So whilst many sequels disappoint on their delivery of the same but different, ‘Deadpool 2’ joins the rarefied ranks of movies who not improve on the original but eclipses them.

Time to “Suck it up” because this time, like a certain shampoo advert, he’s actually worth it.

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