The Meg

The Meg

During an undersea rescue mission to save sailors trapped in a crippled submarine, Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) must make a terrible decision. Under attack from a huge unseen force, does he risk the lives of those he’s saved or sacrifice his team still trapped upon the submarine? Closing the hatch, there is no right decision here as he and survivors shamefully float up to the surface. 

Years later when a state of the art under laboratory loses contact with a submarine piloted by his ex-wife, Jonas must face more than his demons as he battles for their survival.

…popcorn cinema at its most unashamed.

‘The Meg’ is pure popcorn cinema at its most unashamed. Referencing but never relying upon earlier thrillers such as ‘Jaws’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea’, ‘The Meg’ is an unpretentious homage to both.

Helmed by the presence of action-star Jason Statham, the actor brings all of his gruff British persona to bear in a performance that sails close to pastiche but never parody. With its ‘B’ movie credentials as clearly marked out as the dimensions of Statham’s watery nemesis, ‘The Meg’ delights rather shocks. Full of gentle gags and well-intentioned nods to its inspirations, this is a movie which is remarkably bloodless. Relying instead upon the scale of its threat rather the depth of its biting drama, ‘The Meg’ will make you laugh and jump in equal measure. 

With its guilty pleasure approach and light-hearted grasp on reality, director Jon Turteltaub’s movie is an entertaining evening waiting to be enjoyed. Never taking itself (or its audience) too seriously this is one fishy tale that you’ll have no difficulty getting hold of. Prepare to be swallowed up by its shameless silliness. 

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