In a not-so specialised Irish retirement home for Superheroes, something strange is taking place. One by one, the residents are starting to lose their super powers…

… ‘Supervized’ sadly doesn’t show its cast the best of care.

Director Steve Barron has an interesting premise to kick off with – what happens to superheroes when they get old? However, unlike Alan Moore’s seminal ‘Watchmen‘ which is required reading, if not required watching in Zak Snyder’s hands, ‘Supervized’ sadly doesn’t show its cast the best of care.

In Dunmanor, a retirement seemingly twinned with Father Ted‘s Craggy Island, our once kings of the new frontier have become the coffin-dodgers of late. Skirting around Supervized’s’ plot, central stumbling duties belong Tom Berenger as Ray (Maximum Justice), Beau Bridges as side-kick Ted (Shimmy) and Louis Gossett Jr. as Pendle (Black Thunder). Sadly presented with a cold buffet of stale jokes coated in thin a veil of ‘hysterical’ prejudices, there’s not much for them to sink their false teeth into. So, whilst the arrival of Fionnula Flanagan as Madera raises a few smiles and Elya Baskin has some fun as Brian, nothing will save you from ‘Supervized’s’ tone-deaf assault on your senses.

In what unfortunately amounts to an interminable edition of ‘I’m Celebrated Actor, Get Me Out of Here!’, ‘Supervized’ becomes a movie that is so lamely predictable that you could drive a bus through its lasting appeal and still have space to reverse.

“Into obscurity and beyond…!”