The Big Mess / Der große Verhau

The Big Mess / Der große Verhau

Random, obscure and bizarre, ‘The Big Mess’ (Der große Verhau) is an apologetic journey into student filmmaking. 

Opening to a discordant fugue or drones and wheezing pipes, this is a 60s vision of Gerry Anderson space-ships on fire without any cogent strings attached. A pop-art composite of Dune’s tale of space-bound imperialism, the filmmakers’ friends make up the cast and that should be all the warning that you need before your expectations move any further through this description.

That all said, arguably seen in hindsight, its sixties fashions and facial hair of the actors contribute to the film’s historically comedic vibe. Yet even with its black and white pretensions brandished clearly on its tasselled sleeve, this is a DIY pastiche that will quickly fall away from your memory. Lashing out randomly with vague title inserts, operatic proclamations and a sinkful of washing-up bottles press-ganged into fiery oblivion, this is one pub wall projection that needs no explanation.

’The Big Mess’…an over-elevated postcard from the past.

An over-elevated postcard from the past, to describe ‘The Big Mess’ as esoteric would be a disservice to descriptions. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re in the mood for an unapologetic assemblage from the 60s then this could be the novelty pizza topping that your Friday night is looking for.

A ‘Dark Star’ without any critical mass, ‘The Big Mess’ is ultimately shake n’ bake sci-fi at its most wilful. As to the question of whether you will choose to dock or disengage, it’s all down to whatever you want in your eyeballs.