47 Metres Down: Uncaged

47 Metres Down: Uncaged

Pushed into the school swimming pool by bullies, withdrawn Mia (Sophie Nélisse) is an embarrassment to step sister Sasha (Corinne Foxx). Trying to get the girls to bond more, archaeologist dad (John Corbett) arranges for them to go on a shark watching trip. However, Sasha’s friends tempt the two girls away to a hidden lagoon where they can secretly explore an underwater city. Diving down into its narrow corridors and sacrificial altars, it soon becomes clear that an even deadlier surprise is lying in wait…

… will efficiently scratch your niche.

A sequel of sorts to director Johannes Roberts’s previous shark movie, ‘47 Metres Down: Uncaged’ is another return to sharks and screaming. With its paint-by-numbers series of introductory scenes, our emotional allegiances are scattered on the water as the encircling terror begins. Corralled by the blood-red expectations and its ‘B’ movie sensibilities, you really won’t have long to wait.

Out of everyone, Sophie Nélisse emerges mostly unscathed as the relatable Mia and there’s also decent screen time for John Corbett to nudge the plot along as her dad. However, the other performances mostly end up being screechy shark bait. With a decent score by Tomanandy, the music acts as an uncredited narrator for a script that’s permanently low on air and relegated to the shallowest of breathing. 

So, if you need a break from literal, tortured dramas and the idea of dumb people doing dumb things and getting eaten by CGI sharks is your thing, then ’47 Metres Down: Uncaged’ will efficiently scratch your niche. Like ‘Deep Blue Sea’ before it, anyone sensible is guaranteed to die, ’47 Metres Down: Uncaged’ is another hymn to all those ‘B’ movies who went to sea but never broke the surface of ‘Jaws’s’ appeal. 

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